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The Audiometry Nurses Association of Australia Inc.

ANAA represents the professional interests of Audiometry Nurses. The Association provides a forum for discussion of hearing health issues, provides support and facilitates ongoing professional development. The Association is constantly reviewing standards for professional practice in Audiometry Nursing through the development of Clinical Standards of Practice and guidelines for the maintenance of professional standards.

ANAA Inc produces a quarterly newsletter for members who are encouraged to contribute interesting and relevant articles, information or queries regarding professional practice to the newsletter by contacting the Editor. Annual conference is held in October each year and attracts CPD points awarded by the Australian College of Nursing. Information about our conference can be found on the Events section.

ANAA Inc is involved in the education and support of students in Audiometry Nursing and of Clinical Advisors. Registered or Enrolled Nurses can undertake studies in Audiometry Nursing through the Australian College of Nursing. Interested hearing health professionals are encouraged to join the ANAA Inc. as Associate Members. Full membership is open to qualified Audiometry Nurses. Membership Application forms can now be downloaded from Forms.

Note that we have changed our name

Previously known as Community Nurse Audiometrists Association, we are now Audiometry Nurses Association of Australia Inc. The name change better reflects our membership who practice in a variety of settings across all States and Territories in Australia including community health centres, general practice, occupational health and ENT practices, to name a few. Audiometry Nurses are Registered Nurses with a post graduate qualification in Audiometry Nursing. They can provide a wide range of hearing health services which will vary dependent on the area of service, the local requirements and the support available. Audiometry nurses are involved in a wide range of areas from from newborn hearing screening and community health programs, to the assessment and support of the elderly, providing a link in hearing health services between primary hearing screening and tertiary referral.

    Services may include:
  • a variety of age groups
  • obtaining a full hearing health history
  • otoscopy, tympanometry & audiometry (free field & pure tone audiometry with masking)
  • Newborn Hearing Screening Program
  • Hearing Health Promotion
  • Consultation with hearing health and communication organisations.
  • collaboration with education support services

Comprehensive assessment is provided including otoscopy, tympanometry and audiometry in order to develop nursing diagnosis and plan of care. As well as hearing assessment Audiometry Nurses are involved in health promotion, pre-employment checks, industry testing, community education, community development and student support. The Association has developed and reviewed Clinical Practice Standards for Audiometry Nurses (2012) which are available to members. If you are a member, and have not received a copy of the Standards, please contact the Treasurer/Membership Secretary as per the 'Contacts' page. Other documents of interest can be accessed via the links below.



The Constitution of the Audiometry Nurses Association of Australia



Audiometry Nursing brochure



Terms of Reference Document



Professional competency standards for Registered & Enrolled Nurses



ANAA's list of downloadable forms.

Terms Of reference

Of reference

Terms of reference 2019



2018  membership


2018-2019 membership

Hearing Conservation Report Form

Conservation Report Form

ANAA Inc. have reviewed and updated the Hearing Conservation Report Form. Please feel free to download and copy as required. At this stage health is not printing these forms.

Professional Development Funding Application

Development Funding Application

The professional development funding application for ANAA members.

Membership Application


Membership Application 2018 financial year

Proxy Form


For members willing to nominate another member to cast their vote in their absence on Association matters at the AGM.

Nomination Form


For members willing to elect another member into committee positions.

Notice of Motion

of Motion

To put forth an elected motion or action to the committee.



Membership with the Audiometry Nurses Association of Australia Inc is professionally desirable. It facilitates maintenance of professional standards as well as networking among peers.

Members are entitled to the quarterly newsletter, ''Ear 'Tis'. Conference Registration at the ANAA Inc Annual Conference is offered at a reduced fee and you can participate in decision making by having your say at the Annual General Meeting or by nominating to become a member of the Committee.

Membership Application forms are now available from the Forms page. Please complete and indicate whether you would prefer to receive your newsletter electronically or hard copy. Receiving the newsletter electronically enables you to see full colour photos, as well as helping to reduce your impact on the environment.

Life members please note: to assist with record keeping, it would be appreciated if all Life Members complete the membership application form annually.

Membership for new members is $55 annually, and for Associate Members is $40 annually. Membership renewal is due 1st July each year.

To apply, you can download an Application Form from "Forms" or email the Treasurer:  Venneta LEWIS - vennetalewis36@gmail.com



The Australian College of Nursing offers two Audiometry Nursing subjects as part of the Continuing Professional Development Program.

Both subjects must be successfully completed in order to practice as an Audiometry Nurse.

The subjects are:

241: 'Audiometry Nursing'
242: 'Clinical Issues in Audiometry Nursing'

The subjects are 150 hrs each and are offered online / distance education. Clinical placement must be arranged with ACN, and completed as part of the unit  'Clinical issues in audiometry nursing'. Both audiometry subjects may be articulated into the Graduate Certificate in Community and Primary Health Care Nursing (formally Graduate Certificate in Nursing Practice) .

Information is available in the Australian College of Nursing post graduate studies handbook and on the website at: www.acn.edu.au

The College can also be contacted on 1800 265 534.

NOTE:  From 2016 the Australian College of Nursing will be offering 4 x 10 week terms in place of 2 x 20 week semesters. 



Up to date with ANAA and the industry

2019 ANAA Conference

2019 ANAA Conference

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